Our Consulting Service Offerings

Social Media & Internet Marketing

Successful internet strategies for businesses don’t just include a website and a Twitter account, it requires a lot more than that. Let us guide you!

Celebrity Business & Foundation

As a Celebrity, the idea of creating a business and/or a foundation may sound great, but because of your busy lifestyle, implementing the idea isn’t so easy. Let us help you!

Start-Up Growth

Let’s just say, we collectively have experiences in growing  businesses from one sale to many with a quality brand, and we can do the same with you!

Product Launches

In order for a product to have a successful launch, it needs a marketing strategy, and we think….Well, just let us show you!

Local Branding

Let’s take your Storefront business, and expand it’s reach to your local community.

Overall Brand Growth Strategies

A Brand does not simply consist of a social media profile and a nicely designed logo, it consists of everything in the customer’s first exposure to the brand to solving a customer’s problem with great Service. Let us guide you from the beginning to the end!

Non-Profit Growth and Development

There’s a lot more to building a non-profit than a mission, an accountant, and attorney. Let us do the rest!

Cloud Services

As a business owner, you don’t often have time to manage your technology. We’ve partnered with leading technology providers, such as Google, to provide quality cloud services for your business, which simply increases your business productivity.

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